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Published: The Hidden Gifts of Helping

Stephen Post

May 2011

Dr. Post's single-authored trade book entitled, The Hidden Gifts of Helping: How the Power of Giving, Compassion, and Hope Can Get Us Through Hard Times, was released in February of 2011 by Jossey-Bass/Wiley. "Hidden Gifts" is an inspirational work drawing from Dr. Post's autobiographical wisdom and recognized expertise as a thought leader in altruism, compassion, and love. Having made the No. 10 slot on The Wall Street Journal's Top-Selling Nonfiction List in May 7/8 2011, the book continues to inspire additional individuals beyond the United States. Sogensha, a distinguished trade press located in Osaka, has agreed to translate and publish "Hidden Gifts" in Japanese.

Post, S.G. (2011). The hidden gifts of helping: How the power of giving, compassion, and hope can get us through hard times.. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.