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Published: Journal of the Society for Social Work Research

March 2012

The long-lasting partnership between Dr. Pagano and Dr. Amy Krentzman (University of Michigan) has culminated into the acceptance of the manuscript titled, "Does Higher Religiousness Benefit African American Adolescents Seeking Treatment for Substance Dependency?" Pending revisions, the Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research will publish the manuscript. Results demonstrated that there are differential effects on race based on the extent to which religious practices and behaviors were conducted prior to treatment. Higher levels of religiosity prior to treatment indicate greater AAH and 12-step affiliation at discharge.

Krentzman, A.R., Pagano, M.E., Bradley, J.C., Johnson, S.M., Battle, D., Andrade,...Robinson, E.A.R. (in press). Does higher religiousness benefit African American adolescents seeking treatment for substance dependency? Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research.