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Attended: Addiction Fellowship discusses Pagano's "10-year Course" article!

Maria Pagano, Michael Scur, Chris Delos-Reyes, Youssef Mahfoud, Carol Lewis, Chris Novick, Narendra Singh

Cleveland, OH

December 2012

The "Helping Others" PI and Project Coordinator met with addiction affiliates to discuss the recently published manuscript, "The 10-Year course of AA participation and long-term outcomes: A follow-up study of outpatient subjects in Project MATCH."/p>

Recognition: RSA Abstract Submitted

Kathleen Svala, Narendra Singh

December 2012

Drs. Kathleen Svala and Narendra Singh submitted an abstract to the Research Society of Addiction regarding the impact of smoking cessation on health outcomes. Results demonstrate that adolescents who quit smoking during treatment show significantly greater abstinence from alcohol or other drug use, reduced drug cravings, and improved overall functioning in comparison to youths who continued to smoke.

Recognition: ASAM Presentation in April

Alexandra Wang

December 2012

Ms. Alexandra Wang, third year medical student, will present her research exploring onset ordering of anxiety disorders in relation to substance abuse development. Results demonstrate a clear positive association between social phobia and panic disorder with marijuana dependence.

Media: Reaching the Public on OPEN MINDS

Maria Pagano

December 2012

OPEN MINDS Weekly News Wire featured a summary of project findings from "The 10-Year Course of AA Participation and Long-Term Outcomes: A Follow-Up Study of Outpatient Subjects in Project MATCH."

Media: Dr. Pagano Interview Published at IRETA

Maria Pagano, Jess Williams

December 2012

IRETA, the Institute for Research, Education and Training in Addictions, is an organization that works with national, state, and local partners to improve recognition, prevention, treatment, research, and policy related to addiction and recovery. Dr. Pagano was interviewed by Jess Williams regarding results emerging from the "Helping Others" project.