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Recognition: Manuscript Submitted to "Journal of Addiction"

Youssef Mahfoud

January 2013

Dr. Youssef Mahfoud submitted his manuscript entitled "Preteen Marijuana Use: Harmless or Harmful?" to the Journal of Addiction. Results suggest preteen users (age 13 or less) of marijuana to be more likely than peers to seek treatment earlier, enter treatment with benzodiazepine dependence and nicotine dependence, smoke more cigarettes, and start smoking earlier in life than peers who use after age 13.

Media: Listen for Inspiration

January 2013

We proudly report 8 high quality talks have been added to the "Helping Others" website and are available free to download. With the largest collection in Ohio, there is a different tale for everyone. Listen to stories of experience, strength and hope for young people dealing with addiction!

Recognition: Increased Website Traffic

January 2013

We have noticed a substantial amount of visits (21,455) and hits (98,364) to the "Helping Others" website. In the month of October we received 8,436 visits (an average of 272 visits/day) and 39,601 hits (an average of 1,277 hits/day). On average, a person accessed 4 pages per visit.

Recognition: Attracting National Attention

January 2013

Several senior research scientists and clinicians across the United States have noted the work stemming from the Helping Others team. Our material has been disseminated from coast to coast at Oregon State University, University of Plymouth, Southwest Behavioral Care and the Gate House School.

Media: Linked with 55 Websites!

January 2013

Several research program and scientific institution websites are linked directly to the "Helping Others" study website. These websites have similarly cross-linked us to their list of resources for adolescents, addicts, and their families.