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Things I've Done in Sobriety

Often times when someone becomes sober, certain aspects of their life become easier or harder. Sometimes it is just doing the laundry sober, traveling somewhere knew, meeting others, or holding down a job. What have you accomplished in sobriety that you never though you would have?

How I got Sober

The road to sobriety is usually not easy can be full of twists and turns. How did you decide to turn your life around and become sober? Did you use any go to AA meetings, meditate, talk to other people, or perhaps start a new hobby?

Lessons from Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous has grown steadily since its start many years ago. A variety of people go, and everyone seems to get something different out of it. What have you heard or saw that changed your life? Did any particular Alcoholics Anonymous messages really “hit home”, or stick with you?

My Last Drink

Everyone seems to remember their last drink; whether it was scary, full of drama, or perhaps ending in arrest. What was your last drink? What made you decide to stop after having it?

Club 24

The “Helping Others Study” would like to express gratitude for the support of Club 24 ( Club 24 provides a location for Twelve Step Meetings, education, activities, and fellowship. The Club puts out a monthly newsletter that includes stories of recovery by its members, here, you can read their stories of hope.


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