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Things I've Done in Sobriety


by Chas K

It was suggested from a friend that I find a new hobby other than golf. At six months sober I was watching a late night show and Steve Martin was a guest. On the show, he played banjo, and I suddenly felt a message that this would be my new hobby. I had no music experience what so ever, and I didn't know how to read music and I am still learning how to! The next day I went to the local music shop and bought a banjo. Then I found a nearby instructor. I have been doing this for about four years. The style is old time or clawhammer style. I put at least two hours a day in my new hobby. I've been told that I'm pretty good. I think all of this happened for a reason and I am very grateful for it! If I was not an alcoholic this wouldn't ever have happened. It's a good day to be SOBER!!!