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The Spirit of Service

by anonymous in page 21 of Narcotics Anonymous 2008

"When I started service work, I realized how sick I was. Attention seeking, self-centeredness, selfishness, resentment, the desire for revenge, and many of my other character defects got in the way and caused problems for other members. One day at a time, our fellowship continued its growth, and I grew up and got wiser as well. A little at a time I got in touch with humility, God-centeredness, acceptance, forgiveness, and other spiritual principles.

At that time in Tehran there were only two groups, and each met three times a week. I helped out by making tea, setting up chairs, and cleaning up afterwards. I started feeling that this was my home, and every time a newcomer arrived, I would go talk to him and share my experience. I noticed the positive effect of my words, and that made me feel good. I felt useful. People started asking me to sponsor them, but my sponsor suggested that I work some more steps before doing so. He said that meanwhile I should continue to share my experience in recovery with others. Gradually, by working the steps, sharing, and working with newcomers, the spirit of service grew in me. I became thirsty for service in NA. Today I recognize that service is my responsibility and my way of appreciating the fellowship."