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"Share your story of sobriety with us at our Contact page." Do you have an empowering story of triumph over addiction? Do you remember what it was that made you realize you need help? Do you have a close friend or relative that coached you through recovery? We want to know about it! Share with us a time where you truly knew recovery is worth it!Joe T, Head Research Assistant at Helping Others Live Sober
I have been sober for 18 months. I can say the greatest thing that helped me was prayer. I used to drink and smoke weed with friends at concerts and parties. I try to stay in dry places with sober friends now. I was nervous about going to a relatives birthday party because I knew my cousin would have a lot of booze there. I took a friend in recovery with me to the party, and that really helped. It made it easier to leave after I gave my cousin his gift and to not have a drink to be comfortable there.Anonymous from Tx
I lost my keys the other day when I was already late for school. I was so frustrated and the thought of using drugs popped into my head that I might as well get high since I could not get there in time. I paused and asked my Higher Power for help. Then I put on my coat and starting walking to school, which was less than a mile away. I got there late but I also got a workout in. More importantly, I did not check out from myself and stayed sober. I used to always use drugs over this kind of thing.Jim from Utah
I was smoking marijuana since school and this continued after graduation, where I applied for university, but could not get a grip. I dropped out and lived a typical NEET lifestyle for a year. But I decided to quit smoking and for 3 months now I am enrolled in university again and I could not be more motivated. I started to question myself, since I was pretty much motivation less every day and the urge to go to my dealer or hang out with stoner friends was pretty big. But what helped me was using willpower & distractions, letting go of the wrong friends, an knowing exactly what I was doing wrong to myself.Lennard
I never thought it was okay to be me for a long time. I guess that is what alcohol and drugs did for me, I could be anyone I wanted to be when I was drunk. That nervous girl went away and out came the holiday hostess who knew what to say all the time. Being sober, I am finally getting comfortable in my own skin. I have been sober for a few 24 hours now and I do not always feel great. But its okay not feel okay, each day that I am sober, I get to know myself a bit more. I feel awkward and shy at times, and then other times you can never shut me up. I am goofy and silly and laugh at my own jokes. I am no longer afraid to do me.Anon in OH
It is due to my program of recovery that I am blessed with the opportunity to appreciate all that I have on a daily basis. Throughout my time as a person suffering from a substance use disorder, the small things that I have come to be grateful for would slip through the cracks into oblivion. Today I can come home from a long day at work, lie on my couch with my dog, and feel satisfied. I do not know what it is, it may be the fact that I am not fighting through every moment of every day to just feel ok. Whatever the reason maybe, I am grateful to be in recovery and feel the way that I do because of it.Jake, FL
There's the wonderful love of a beautiful maid. And the love of a staunch true man. The love of a baby unafraid has existed since time began. But the greatest love - the love of love greater than that of a mother. Is the tender, passionate infinite love of one drunken bum for another.Anonymous, OH
I had no hope or purpose in life before sobriety. I developed a relationship with God and the obsession to drink was lifted. I have hope and a purpose to live today. The best part is being able to give away what's been given to me. Watching someone going from no hope to hope is so awesome.Russ
I found sobriety (or it found me) on June 16, 2008. One example, of many, of how things have improved: food security. Shortly after stopping drinking I applied for and received food stamps. I am grateful for what I was generously given. This experience gave me practice in how to use my words, express my needs, and reach out. Now, my finances are much better and I've not been on food stamps for some time. I continue to learn more about nutrition (self-care!). Food is an important change in my sober life. There are many more things I could say. I really started to live the day I stopped drinking.Dave, OH
At 47 I got my 3rd DWI over a 20 year period of partying. In Texas this is a felony. By the grace of God I was able to keep my job and not go to prison. I have been sober 20 months and have worked through the steps with my fantastic sponsor. I am now learning about the reasons that started the alcoholic journey in the first place...low self worth. Without addressing that I am on shaky ground at best. Alcohol, things, food, a job, does not give someone self worth. It has to come from within and only when you are willing to dig deep. Service is one of the best ways to go outside of oneself and add value to one's life. This, to me, will help build my self worth. I hope that somehow one day I can help another alcoholic. It is only by giving it away that we get to keep it.Angela, Tx
My roommate had started drinking again & lost her job then could not pay the rent anymore so she moved out. We had both contributed things to the apartment such as food and utensils. She took all of the meat with her when she left, leaving me no food then called to say she would need to come pick up the dishdrainer she had bought. I was starting to get really frustrated and came very close to sending her a text, criticizing her for being so selfish. I paused and prayed instead of sending that mean text. Several hours later, it occured to me that she was an alcoholic who could not stay sober and was probably just clinging to every little thing she had because it might be the last she gets for awhile. Compassion set in and I remembered that I (unlike her) still had a job and was capable of getting these things and she was not.Courtney